FK-80 CNC rotary sealing machine
1、 FK-80数控旋封机是用于滚轧铜管材的管口,达到缩口或管件封口加工的专用设备,可加工直径在Ф20-Ф90、壁厚2.5mm内的铜管。
2、 本机夹紧由液压控制,封口刀由伺服控制,电控采用两坐标数控系统控制。
3、 主要由机架、动力主轴、二维(即X、Y轴)旋压头、定芯尾座、液压夹紧系统、电控系统等组成。
1. The FK-80 CNC rotary sealing machine is the equipment used for the necking or sealing of rolling copper tube ends. Copper tubes with diameter of 20-90mm and wall thickness of less than 2.5mm can be processed.
2. The clamping mechanism of the machine adopts hydraulic control, the sealing knife is controlled by servo, and the electric control is based on two-axis CNC control system.
3. The machine mainly comprises rack, principal power axis, 2D (i.e., X, Y axis) spinning head, centering tailstock, hydraulic clamping system and electric control system.