GD series CNC biaxial chamfering machine
1、 Gd系列数控双轴倒角机用于钢材、铜材、铝材等薄壁管件两端面及内外倒角加工的专用设备,该机可同时一次完成管件的两端切削加工,具有精度高、效率高、自动化程度高的特点,为国内之首创,中广泛用于电机外壳制造、汽车配件、空调铜管、气缸加工、五金加工行业的零件加工。
2、 该机的基本配置的加工方式为人工放料,设备自行完成切削加工及出料操作。本公司另配有不同的自动上料装置以满足不同的生产线的要求。
1. Gd series CNC biaxial chamfering machine is special equipment designed for the chamfering of both end faces as well as inside and outside of thin-walled steel, copper and aluminum tubes. The machine can be used to process both tube ends simultaneously with high precision, efficiency and automation, which is the first in the country. It is widely used for the processing of parts in the industry of motor housing manufacturing, auto parts, air-conditioning copper tube, cylinder and hardware.
2. The machine conducts processing in basic mode of manual emptying. The equipment completes the operation of machining and discharging by itself. In addition, the company provides different automatic feeding devices to meet the requirements of different production lines.